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Nuclear Monitor #880 - 19 November 2019

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Nuclear Monitor #880, November 19, 2019

Yellowcake blues: Uranium bulls "as rare as white unicorns": Canadian company Cameco says it cannot see any case for construction of new uranium mines for some years to come. Cameco has no plans to restart mines put into care-and-maintenance, and Kazatomprom plans to maintain its production cuts until a sustained market recovery is evident.

2019 uranium news highlights and lowlights: A collection of 2019 uranium news highlights and lowlights taken from the WISE-Uranium website ( ‒ a remarkable resource maintained by Peter Diehl.

Misleading claims about nuclear energy: Dr. Mark Diesendorf corrects some of the misleading statements promulgated by Prof. Gerry Thomas.

Nuclear weapons and our climate: Assoc. Prof. Tilman Ruff, founding international and Australian chair of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, writes: "The web of links between nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, and the materials that power both are deep and inextricable. Nuclear power cannot solve our climate crisis, and aggravates the existential danger posed by nuclear weapons."

World Nuclear Waste Report: The World Nuclear Waste Report aims to make a substantial contribution to understanding nuclear waste challenges for countries around the world by describing national and international classification systems, the risks posed by specific radioactive waste forms, generated and estimated future waste quantities, the waste management and disposal strategies of governments and their financing mechanisms.