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Board and staffmembers

The WISE board

  • Loeke Pam, artist and former staff-member of WISE
  • Rob van Ballegoij, active in the Ducth national platform against nuclear power (LPTK)
  • Jim Klingers, chair of the regional platform working against waste storage in salt domes in the northern provinces of the Netherlands
  • Peter Polder, founder of the Dutch Earth First group (GroenFront), campaigner on 'false solutions' for Friends of the Earth Netherlands

The board members are volunteers and do not get paid for their work.

The WISE staff

  • Kirsten Sleven, Director
  • Gerard Brinkman, campaigner Nuclear Energy
  • Lisanne Boersma, campaigner Green Energy
  • Jan Haverkamp. expert Nuclear Energy
  • Jim Green, editor of the Nuclear Monitor, based in Australia¬†
  • Koert Sondorp, Financial Administrator