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This newsletter will be published a few times a year. It focuses entirely on anti-nuclear events and tools (actions, meetings, petitions, reports, films, etc.) happening all over the world. 


Newsletter March 2017

  • Join the anti-nuclear Summer Camp in Gedelitz, Germany.
  • The Economic Costs of a U.S. National Nuclear Power Subsidy.
  • Looking back on a succesful demonstration in Antwerp, Belgium.

Newsletter January 2017

  • Portugese protest against Spanish radwaste
  • Demonstration in Belgium, March 11, 2017
  • Anti-nuclear events and petitions

Newsletter November 2016

  • Protest against nuclear waste dumps in Australia
  • Anti-nuclear demonstration in Germany
  • Movies to watch, petitions to sign

Newsletter August 2016

  • Anti-nuclear events all over the world
  • A toolkit from Southern African Faith Communities' Environment Institute (SAFCEI)
  • The Nuclear Monitor
  • Petitions

Newsletter June 2015

  • Don't Nuke the Climate - COP21
  • Nuclear World: an overview of everything (anti) nuclear in the world
  • Stay informed with the Nuclear Monitor