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Nuclear Monitor #842 - 26 April 2017

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In this issue of the Monitor:

  • Diet Simon writes about the German environment minister's refusal to halt nuclear fuel shipments to high-risk reactors in neighboring Belgium.
  • We summarize an important critique of (terrestrial) fusion power by experienced fusion scientist Dr Daniel Jassby, who argues that it is not the ideal energy source extolled by its boosters but is "something to be shunned."
  • We summarize new reports on the record-breaking growth of renewable energy sources and a significant shift away from coal power.
  • We write about Canadian uranium company Cameco's continuous downsizing over the past 5‒6 years, its battle with the Canadian tax office over profit-shifting allegations, and its battle against TEPCO's termination of a long-term supply contract.
  • And we detail many of the accidents, incidents and scandals that Cameco has been involved in from 1981‒2017 - click here to view this information