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Nuclear Monitor #839 - 8 March 2017

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In this issue of the Monitor:

  • Kendra Ulrich from Greenpeace Japan summarizes her important new report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the violation of women's and children's human rights.
  • Dr Paul Dorfman writes about the French nuclear industry's failure to set aside adequate funding for decommissioning.
  • We summarize the nuclear industry's deluge of bad news over the past month and suggest that a new era is approaching: the Era of Nuclear Decommissioning (END).
  • We summarize debates among nuclear lobbyists about how to solve the nuclear power crisis: some favor a multinational effort focused on large light-water reactors while others argue that large reactors are the problem not the solution and favor extensive R&D with an emphasis on small reactors.

The Nuclear News section has reports on a plutonium policy conference in Tokyo; a recent interview with Belorussian investigative journalist and Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich; and problems at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.