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Nuclear Monitor #813 - 4 November 2015

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In this issue of the Monitor:

  • French nuclear giant EDF is using its controversial sponsorship of the upcoming international climate talks in Paris to launch a greenwashing campaign ... and now there is an opportunity to expose EDF by voting in the Pinocchio Climate Awards.
  • We write about fires at three radioactive waste dump sites in the US.
  • Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation writes about a wildfire started by uranium miner Energy Resources of Australia in the Northern Territory's Kakadu National Park.
  • Entergy has just announced its plan to shut down the FitzPatrick reactor in New York, and the Nuclear Information & Resource Service has co-authored a report showing that the reactor can be replaced by renewable energy at lower cost.
  • Oliver Tickell, editor of The Ecologist, questions whether the Hinkley C EPR reactors will ever be built.
  • Charly Hultén writes about plans to shut down two reactors in Sweden.

The Nuclear News section has items on the launch of a 'Fukushima Freeways' campaign in the U.S.; and a court ruling against nuclear safety activists in Ukraine in a defamation case.