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Nuclear Monitor #811 - 23 September 2015

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In this issue of the Nuclear Monitor:

  • Brazil's nuclear power program is in crisis due to funding shortfalls and a major corruption scandal.
  • Academic Dave Elliott writes about the incompatibility of nuclear power and renewables.
  • We deconstruct the latest nuclear power growth projections from the World Nuclear Association and the IAEA.
  • Michael Mariotte writes about the decision of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to abandon a study to determine whether cancer rates near nuclear reactors are higher than elsewhere.
  • M.V. Ramana writes about the plan to export uranium from Australia to India, and we reprint a short, critical statement by a former Chair of the IAEA's Board of Governors.

The Nuclear News section discusses a Citigroup study on renewable energy and climate change mitigation, and the Global Apollo Program − a call from a coalition of prominent ecologists, scientists and others for the world's governments to invest US$15 billion annually dedicated to the goal of making renewable energy cheaper than coal within 10 years.