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Nuclear Monitor #808

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
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To read this issue of the Nuclear Monitor, use the article links below, or to download the full issue as a PDF use the link above.

In this issue of the Nuclear Monitor:

  • Eloi Glorieux from Greenpeace Belgium writes about the Belgian government's plans to extend the lifetimes of the Doel-1 and 2 reactors;
  • Martin Sedlák writes about the Czech government's plans for new reactors;
  • Tim Judson celebrates some good news in the US, with nuclear power being all but ignored in the Clean Power Plan;
  • Jim Green writes about a renewed push for Australia to become the world's nuclear waste dump.

The Nuclear News section has reports on plutonium separation in nuclear power programs (a detailed new report by the International Panel on Fissile Materials); the latest setbacks for Generation IV reactor R&D; and a nuclear insider's take on the myths advanced by the nuclear industry.