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Rumania: SEP & EDF rearrange electricity supply

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(June 11, 1993) The Dutch SEP (Combined Electricity Producers) and the French Electricité de France (EdF) have signed a contract with the Romanian electricity company Renel in Bucharest.

(392.3823) WISE-Amsterdam - The main aim of the contract is the reorganization of the electricity sector. According to Ketting, director of SEP, the electricity infra-structure in Romania is very bad and the environment is under pressure because of energy production from the burning of brown coal.

Ketting also said that the contract has a "business-character" and had nothing to do with aid: " is a long-term contract through which a structural solution for Romania can be given". In the news media, there is no mention of any plans concerning nuclear power, but both SEP and EdF are well known nuclear advocates. So, enough reason to keep an eye on the situation.

Source: Trouw (NL), 11 May 1993.
Contact: MER - Galati Branch, Str. Siderurgistilor, bloc SD/4 ap. 12, 6200 Galati, Romania.