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World Uranium Hearing report

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(October 2, 1992) The World Uranium Hearing (WUH) took place in Salzburg, Austria from 13-19 September 1992 (see WISE News Communique 362/363, World Uranium Hearing). It was an unprecedented gathering of Indigenous people affected by the nuclear industry, with focus on uranium mining. Testimonies were made by about 80 Indigenous and 30 non-Indigenous people, representing 25 Indigenous nations and 27 countries. All continents were represented. It was a massive indictment against the nuclear industry for contaminating water and land and for disregard of human rights.

(378.3706) WISE-Stockholm The following is the final declaration from the Hearing.


Salzurg, Austria
19 September 1992

We, the Indigenous people of the different communities of the Earth, our Mother, and all non-Indigenous communities, affected by the nuclear chain, conscious of all peoples' undeniable right to self-determination, our right to a clean environment, concern for our health and well-being, and for our future generations, find that:



Staff and volunteers for the World Uranium Hearing have produced two detailed background documents: "The World Uranium Hearing Briefing Book," by Peter Diehl and Gunter Wippel, which gives an overview of technical issues and "Uranium Mining, Atomic Bomb Testing, Nuclear Waste Storage n A Global Survey," by Esther Krumbholz and Frank Kressing. The latter is also referred to as "The World Uranium Hearing Grey Book". This 134-page report is mostly made up of country by country surveys giving background information on the testimonies presented at the Hearing, and on many more cases. Included are two short articles: one is on "Nukespeak", to make the reader aware of how the language of the nuclear industry influences our speaking and thinking and the second is on the wastes produced by uranium mines. "The Grey Book" is being sold for DM25 (about US$17).

A large amount of documentation was presented at the Hearing itself and will be published in the Hearing proceedings.

Contact: See below.

  • based on our testimonies and experiences from around the world,
  • based on the evidence of damage to our people, culture, economy, land, water, and air,
  • based on our respect for spiritual values, beliefs, and practices, we oppose the destruction of our existence.

We, the listeners, have heard testimonies from around the world by the peoples of the mountains, the forests, the deserts and the oceans, who suffer daily from uranium mining, nuclear weapons testing, nuclear power generation and radioactive waste.

These testimonies show the peoples' intimate relationship with the Earth and the destruction of the natural environment they depend upon, culturally, spiritually and materially. It became clear that each phase of the nuclear process - civilian or military - has a deadly impact on all forms of life.

We realize that we, the inhabitants of this planet, responsible for the generations to come, have to live with consequences of our radioactive heritage from now on.

Together we say:

  • no more exploitation of lands and peoples by uranium mining, nuclear power generation, nuclear testing, and radioactive waste dumping;
  • clean up and restore all homelands;
  • end the secrecy and fully disclose all information about the nuclear industry and its dangers;
  • provide full and fair compensation for damage to: peoples, families and communities, cultures and economies, homelands, water, air, and all living things;
  • provide independent and objective monitoring of human health and the well-being of all living things affected by the nuclear chain.

Further we say: in view of the unity of humanity and the world, we appeal on behalf of our future generations to use sustainable, renewable, and life-enhancing energy alternatives.

We call on the whole world, in particular leaders and scientists, to share in our vision for peace, harmony, and respect for life.

Join us.

Contact: The World Uranium Hearing, Praterinsel 4, D-8000 Munich 22, Germany; tel: +49 89 2285924; fax: 89 2285340.