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"Smiling Sun"

The classic smiling sun stickers size: ø 12 cm  (4,7 inch), are available in more than forty languages. Some are also available in bigger sizes: ø 32 cm (12,6 inch.) and ø 45 cm (17,7 inch).  For some languages we have window-stickers and sheets with 16 small stickers 3,8 cm (1,5 inch.).

For bulk orders look in our categorie 'Bulk'
For a different order (mix of languages/ mis of stickers and buttons) you can contact us.

You can re-sell the items at your own price. Contact us for further details.

Different kinds of stickers:
3,5 cm Stickers (Sheet)
12 cm Stickers (Regular)
32 cm Stickers (Medium)
45 cm Stickers (Big)