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#779 - 20 February 2014

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Niger's uranium debate

Low prices take toll on uranium industry in Africa

US nuclear power industry heading off a cliff

Cameco threatens Australian national park − Dave Sweeney and Mia Pepper


− UK: DU's environmental persistence

− Argentina: Construction of small reactor underway

− UK: Court says govt should revisit Litvinenko poisoning

− UK: Radioactive spill on highway

− US: Fire at nuclear waste dump site

− Cameco downgrades uranium expansion plans

− Kazakhstan still largest uranium producer

− Australia: Radioactive Exposure Tour

− Australia: Walkatjurra Walkabout

− US: Energy Department agrees to improve Hanford waste management

− US: fine and probation for former Indian Point manager

− Solar PV costs continue to fall

− Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster