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Who we are

We're small. We're powerful. We're anti-nuclear. We are grass-root oriented. And we are proud of what we have achieved, serving people with important information and skills. We were founded in 1978, in Amsterdam. Since then our main office is based  in the Netherlands.
We focus primarily on our role as networker. Nevertheless, we also like to be involved in campaigns and (direct) actions. We are fully aware of the fact that political and social changes (needed to tackle the nukes) only happen if enough pressure is being put on decision-makers. We get involved if we think the action being undertaken makes sense, and is most effective and appropriate to the situation.
Our approach to information sharing amongst social movements is built on quality and content. Over the last 30+  years of networking among grassroots organizations, WISE has built up its expertise in this respect.
Having been part of the international anti-nuclear movement for 30+  years (and with a staff similarly involved), we have gained an organization tremendously rich in experience. We have our ideas on strategic action planning, on media work, on research, on running a magazine, a library, and we are willing to share those skills and experience.
We welcome visitors, people working on the same issues from all parts of the globe. To exchange, to research, to take a look at the library, to discuss campaigns or general work, to even do some work for yourself.

More than 30 years, twenty issues a year, and sometimes more;  the Nuclear Monitor. We think we are running the last regular internationally distributed magazine solely on nuclear issues. Although from  time to time we discuss the necessity of publishing as many as 20 issues a year, we are encouraged by the positive response we get from people saying they highly appreciate the way the Nuclear Monitor serves their needs, especially because of the frequency of publication.
Back issues of the WISE/NIRS Nuclear Monitor can be found here