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Nuclear Monitor #871 - 25 January 2019

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Nuclear power: 2018 in review: Nuclear power enjoyed a small upswing last year, but the paucity of reactor construction starts, the aging of the global reactor fleet and other factors mean that a sustained downturn is more likely than ever.

China to the rescue?: China has not opened a new construction site for a commercial reactor since December 2016.

UK nuclear new-build program collapsing: A nuclear industry lobbyist said in early 2017 that the UK's nuclear power program faces "something of a crisis". Since then, several plans for new reactors have collapsed and thus the program is in a full-blown crisis.

Japan's nuclear export industry collapsing: The prospects for Japan's nuclear export industry have gone from bad to worse. Two Japanese companies have abandoned plans to build reactors in the UK in the past two months ‒ more nails in the coffin of an export industry championed by Prime Minister Abe.

The economic viability of nuclear power is only going down: Grant Smith from the US Environmental Working Group argues that nuclear power belongs in a museum and we shouldn't continue to squander public dollars on a technology that will never make economic sense.