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Nuclear Monitor #858 - 1 March 2018

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Thorium ‒ a better fuel for nuclear technology?

An important, detailed critique of thorium by Dr. Rainer Moormann, translated from the original German by Jan Haverkamp. Dr. Moormann concludes: "The use of technology based on thorium would not be able to solve any of the known problems of current nuclear techniques, but it would require an enormous development effort and wide introduction of breeder and reprocessing technology. For those reasons, thorium technology is a dead end."

Democracy is forgotten for the sake of nuclear power in Turkey

Özgür Gürbüz writes about the extraordinary efforts of the Turkish state to trample democratic input into the debate about a proposed nuclear power plant at Sinop.

'Pro-nuclear environmentalists' in denial about power/weapons connections

It takes a moment to tell a lie but it can take much longer to deconstruct one ‒ so it is with Jim Green's deconstruction of claims by pro-nuclear propagandists that "nuclear energy prevents the spread of nuclear weapons" and that "peace is furthered when a nation embraces nuclear power".


‒ Hundreds of French police smash nuclear dump protest camp, raid support house and arrest opponents

‒ India's 'No First Use' policy

‒ Our friends at Green Action in Japan need our help!

‒ US: National Grassroots Activist Summit on Radioactive Waste ‒ Chicago, March 16‒18

‒ Europe: Cross-border cooperation on nuclear safety inadequate

‒ Nuclear energy challenged by Austria, questioned in France