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Nuclear Monitor #855 - 13 December 2017

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In this issue of the Monitor, the last for the year:

  • Charly Hultén from WISE Sweden writes about a cover-up concerning the risks associated with spent fuel disposal.
  • Nuclear propagandists like to make specious comparisons between the radiation doses from eating bananas and living near a nuclear plant ‒ but what's the 'Banana Equivalent Dose' of catastrophic nuclear accidents?
  • Sue Coleman-Haseldine writes about the impacts of nuclear weapons tests on Aboriginal Australians and the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.
  • A report commissioned by the UK government finds that power from small modular reactors will be 30% more expensive than power from large reactors.
  • Yukio Yamaguchi from Japan's Citizens Nuclear Information Center writes about plans to restart boiling-water reactors at TEPCO's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant.
  • A report on the weapons proliferation risks associated with light water reactors.
  • Hartmut Winkler from the University of Johannesburg writes about the South African president's last-ditch effort to ram through a nuclear power deal.

The Nuclear News section has reports on the CEO of Exelon Corp. questioning the future of nuclear power; a book on Britain's nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific; indigenous opposition to the nuclear industry in Canada; and a data falsification scandal in Japan.