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#560 - December 21, 2001

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
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(December 21, 2001) From January 2002 the WISE News Communique will merge with the Nuclear Monitor, the newsletter of our Washington, D.C.-based sister organization NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service) to form the WISE/NIRS Nuclear Monitor. The new newsletter, like its predecessors, will feature news from the worldwide anti-nuclear movement and critical analysis of what's happening in the nuclear industry.

NIRS will send the newsletter to subscribers in the USA and Canada; WISE Amsterdam will send the newsletter to all other subscribers. The version sent out by NIRS will largely be the same as the version sent out from Amsterdam, but will occasionally contain more U.S. news.

The frequency of the newsletter will be the same as the WISE News Communique (20 issues per year). The layout will be similar to the Nuclear Monitor. The e-mail version will be sent in PDF format, which means that it will be of similar layout and quality to the paper version.

Existing News Communique subscribers will continue to receive the newsletter while their subscriptions last. Because of the introduction of the Euro, the subscription prices for the Amsterdam edition will now be in Euros. The new prices for the Amsterdam email edition will be:
Individuals/grassroots Euro 20
Institutions Euro 75