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Gorleben international peace team founded

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(March 14, 1997) The first-ever Gorleben International Peace Team (GIPT) was assembled in Wustrow, Germany, at February 20, 1997.

(468.4663 ) WISE Amsterdam -During an intensive five-day training, the team created a working mandate that defined GIPT as a non-partisan observation team which will focus on observing, documenting and photographing the human rights situation before and during the anti-Castor demonstrations in the area of Gorleben. The GIPT did not serve as a mediator between the police and the demonstrators, and neither did it attempt to actively deescalate the situation, although it was hoped that a known international presence would help reduce the tension. The main goals of the team will be to write a report of its observations which will be shared with organizations working at the local, national and international level, and to produce an evaluation of the experiences of this team in order to determine if GIPT is a project that should be continued in the future.

Source and Contact: Gorleben International Peace Team, Kirchstr. 14, 29462 Wustrow, Germany.
Tel: +49-5843-7716