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Decontamination after incident at South Ukraine plant

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(June 21, 1996) All the cities in a 30 km zone around the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant are now being cleaned up by deactivating substances.

(454.4492)WISE Amsterdam - It is possible that the South Ukranian nuclear reactor did release a large amount of radioactivity into the atmosphere on 27 May. The decontamination was reported from Pervomaisk, a small city located 32 km from the reactor, in Anti-Atom Press, a Russian newsletter of nuclear news and events published by ex-USSR antinuclear activists.

It's a tradition in the Ukraine to clean up cities with the use of deactivating chemicals after serious accidents involving the release of radioactivity from nuclear reactors, but nobody knows if it is of any use.

Source: "Anti-Atom Press" Nr 56, June 1996
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