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Second Sino-French nuclear project

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(November 24, 1995) On October 25, 1995, China and France signed contracts to begin construction of two nuclear power units at Ling Ao in southern Guangdong Province, marking the country's second Sino-French nuclear project. The deal was finalized in Beijing at a ceremony in the presence of Chinese Premier Li Peng and vice premiers Zou Jiahua and Wu Bangguo, the China News Service reported. The French side was represented by Gilles Menage, president of Electricite de France, a state-owned utility group.

(443.4388) WISE-Amsterdam - Two 985 megawatt units will be built at Ling Ao, not far from China's Daya Bay nuclear power, which faces the British colony of Hong Kong. The new project will involve the same type of French equipment already in use at Daya Bay. The units will be owned and operated by the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co., a statement issued by Electricite de France said.

The principal equipment manufacturers and suppliers for the new plant are France's Framatome and the Anglo-French group, GEC-Alsthom. Ling Ao constitutes a $1.84 billion coup for the French power industry. Mirroring its involvement at Daya Bay, Electricite de France will help the Chinese owners with the project's design, construction and commissioning. EDF's contract for assisting the Chinese amounts to about US$94 million and will require the on-site presence of about 50 French experts. For the first time, EDF also has signed specific contracts for technology transfer covering the full extent of its experience in design, construction and operation of nuclear power plants. Similar contracts have been inked by the manufacturers with regards to equipment used at Ling Ao.

China's electricity consumption is expected to balloon by about 10 percent annually during the course of the next two decades. Experts predict the installed capacity for the nation of 1.2 billion will have to expand from the current 200,000 MW to 300,000 MW by the year 2000.

China expects to build four nuclear stations between 1996 and 2000, of which Ling Ao is the first; a second will be chinese built, and the other two appear likely to go to Russian and Canadian constructors.


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