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Latin American NPT Resolution: Scientist world-wide invited to sign on

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(December 19, 1994) The 'International Conference on a Latin America Point of View About the Extension of the Non-Proliferation Treaty' was held in Cordoba, Argentina, the proceedings, a resolution was adopted at a joint meeting of the presidents of the Latin American Federation of Physical Societies (FEL-ASOFI) from 10 Latin American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela).

(424.4202) WISE-Argentina - In the resolution the scientists declare:

"The ability to express our opinion about the Nuclear Non-Proliferation theme is based upon the bilateral agreement between Argentina and Brazil, and is strengthened by the corresponding Tlatelolco Treaty*. This is the first non-discriminatory treaty freeing a populated region of the world from all aspects of nuclear weapons. These two agreements constitute an example to be followed by all countries and could initiate a process of establishing nuclear weapons free zones in the rest of the world.

"We recognize the role played by Mexican diplomacy on the improvement of the NPT 4nd Mexico's leadership among the non-aligned countries in the process of eliminating nuclear weapons.

"It is our unanimous opinion that a world without nuclear weapons be considered our main goal.

"We have concluded that a first very essential step would be the signing of a Comprehensive Nuclear Tests Ban Treaty (CTBT) before the forthcoming NPT Review and Extension Conference.

"We understand that the states possessing nuclear weapons (NWSs) should announce their intention to eliminate them according to a specified schedule. We concretely ask for a declaration of intentions during the opening of the Conference covering the following points:

  1. A cessation in the production of nuclear weapons and a drastic acceleration in nuclear weapons arsenal reduction.
  2. The cutting off of the production of fissile materials for their use in nuclear weapons on a fixed date, and the gradual elimination of existing stocks.
  3. Assurances from NWSs not to attack or threaten the non-nuclear weapons states with nuclear weapons.
  4. A no first use of nuclear weapons agreement between NWSs.

"The NWSs should declare a moratorium on nuclear tests of all kinds until the CTBT enters into force."

Finally the resolution recommends a more complete agreement covering the civil uses of materials usable in nuclear weapons (plutonium, highly enriched uranium and tritium) as well as the ptohibition of "peaceful" nuclear explosions.

The idea of asking the NWSs to declare a moratorium on nuclear explosions of all kinds, entering into force by the time the Revision and Extension Conference opens, is for the purpose of creating a positive atmosphere of mutual understanding and confidence between participants. Physicists from other parts of the world (and from 'other branches of science) are invited to join with this set of demands.

* The 1967 Tlatelolco Treaty was to make Latin America a nuclear weapons free zone, but has never in fact been enforced.

More information: Marco Antonio Martinez Negrete, Fax in Mexico City: (5)6160326