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Stop Malville: pour des énergies sans dangers, le soleil, le vent, la vie...

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(June 25, 1992) The countdown for Superphenix continues!

(374/5.3681) WISE Amsterdam - Despite the negative advice in an expert's report ordered by the government, the French nuclear lobby is still trying to restart the Superphenix fast-breeder reactor under the pretext of transforming it into a "sous-generateur". This is some sort of incinerator for uranium and plutonium, supposed to turn long-lived radioactive elements into less hazardous waste (ie, a form of transmutation - or a sort of nuclear alchemy - which is the French industry's "magic solution".)

Either the plant is started up again before 3 July, or it must be submitted to a public inquiry, which would undoubtably deliver the project a fatal blow.

Until recently, the outcome of the Superphenix countdown has been quite uncertain. But now, the plant's opponents are quite optimistic. According to press reports, a confidential memo from the director of Safety for Nuclear Operations says that it is not possible to restart the Superphenix for safety reasons alone, as the necessary preparatory work has not been done which would allow it to start operation before the July 3 deadline.

Meanwhile, French and Swiss groups are busy planning for the 5 JULY '92 ASSEMBLY TO STOP MALVILLE for safe energy. The assembly opens at 2:00 pm at the stadium of LHUIS, facing Malville. (Follow signs from the bridges of Groslee, Briord, Evieu, Bregnier-Cordon.)

The program includes speeches on the situation in Malville, energy saving, the potential of renewable energies, the Phebus experiment, and presentation of a campaign for phasing out nuclear power. The program will end with a party with live music.

Contact: ContrAtom, Case Postale 65, 1211 Geneve 8, Switzerland; tel: +41 22-781 48 44; fax: -320 45 67.