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Ecodefense "foreign agent" case and lawsuit

(July 31, 2014) As we described in our website article on 17th June 2014, The Russian government has declared the well-known environmental organization Ecodefense a foreign agent for resisting the construction of a nuclear power plant near Kaliningrad. Recently, Russian authorities officially declared four leading human rights organizations and the environmental organization Ecodefense foreign agents and included them into a list of foreign agent organizations before court decisions were taken. Here is an update on the situation and how Ecodefense reacted:

Ecodefense accused of being a 'foreign agent'

(June 17, 2014) The Russian government has declared the well-known environmental organization Ecodefense a “foreign agent" for resisting the construction of nuclear power plant near Kaliningrad. This perfectly fits in the campaign of the Russian government against independent and critical NGO's in general. What helps is to spread the word and show your solidarity with the struggle of Ecodefensie against nuclear power in their country.

EPA carbon rule offers misguided subsidies for uneconomic, aging and dangerous nuclear reactors

(June 2, 2014) The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rules on carbon reductions from existing power plants released today would encourage states to provide ratepayer subsidies for continued operation of nuclear reactors that cannot compete economically in the current electricity marketplace. Six nuclear reactors have either closed permanently or announced their planned early shutdown (San Onofre-1 & 2, Crystal River, Kewaunee, Vermont Yankee, Oyster Creek) and a dozen or more other reactors have been widely reported to be operating close to or at a financial loss.

Radiating Africa - Lobby Trajectory week with African project partners

(May 28, 2014) Radiating Africa - The Menace of Uranium Mining

The Nuclear Security Summit and Nuclear Industry Summit were prominent in the media in March 2014. Fukushima and Chernobyl were commemorated in March and April. But what about the rest of the year? And what about the front end of the nuclear fuel chain? Uranium exploration and mining are the starting points of the nuclear fuel chain. Who is actually taking responsibility? What impact does it have on countries in Africa and elsewhere?