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Let the EU know: no public money for nuclear in the UK

Electricité de France (EdF), the French energy group, intends to build one of the largest nuclear power stations in the world at Hinkley Point, United Kingdom. However, this project would be commercially viable only on the basis of massive subsidies granted by the British government, which would clearly violate EU competition law. The past EU Commission has approved these nuclear subsidies at its last but one session. This scandalous decision has the potential to trigger an avalanche of new nuclear power projects across Europe.

Sell-out on UK nuclear plan exposes Commission to legal challenges

The European Commission has for the first time cleared a plan for taxpayers to heavily subsidise the construction of a nuclear power plant in the EU. Two new reactors at Hinkley Point, in the United Kingdom, will receive up to €20 billion in subsidies, making Hinkley one of the most expensive power plants in the world. The subsidies were approved by a majority of 16 votes - needed were at least 15 votes. 16 of  28 commissoners voted yes, 5 against, so information from EU circles. One commissioner abstained, six other commisioners didn`t come to the meeting.

Don't Nuke the Climate: WISE fleet against False Solutions

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. It poses an existential threat to life on Earth in a manner civilization never before has faced. Immediate action is necessary to slash climate-changing emissions in all sectors of society. On September 21, 2014, WISE organised a 'Floating Climate March' against 'False Solutions': Don't Nuke the Climate!  With a fleet of 8 boats and 135 people we 'marched' through the Amsterdam Canals, at the end joining the big Amsterdam event.

Ecodefense "foreign agent" case and lawsuit

(July 31, 2014) As we described in our website article on 17th June 2014, The Russian government has declared the well-known environmental organization Ecodefense a foreign agent for resisting the construction of a nuclear power plant near Kaliningrad. Recently, Russian authorities officially declared four leading human rights organizations and the environmental organization Ecodefense foreign agents and included them into a list of foreign agent organizations before court decisions were taken. Here is an update on the situation and how Ecodefense reacted: