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Protest against Nuclear Industry Summit

(March 24, 2014) Early in the morning of 24th March 2014 ca. 40 people protested the pro-nuclear industry summit, organised by URENCO, the multinational uranium enrichment company (UK, Germany, NL and USA). Mis-using the momentum of the large Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague (the Netherlands) the 200 CEOs and lobbyist of the nuclear industry gathered in Amsterdam to promote nuclear energy as "safe, clean and affordable". The Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs supported this lobby event with an opening speech.

Nuclear security - in cauda venenum

(March 15, 2014) Between March 23 and 25 more than 50 Heads Of State will visit the Netherlands to talk about 'Nuclear Security'. The talks focus on end-of-pipe-solutions; more protection, repression and military-type of protective measures to forcome further proliferation of radioactive materials into the hands of - mainly - terrorists. The wrong agenda.

African Workshop on Uranium Mining

Which social and environmental impact does uranium mining have? Which aspects are relevant regarding uranium mining and how can you intervene in the mining planning process? How can you prevent to face a situation with dreadful consequences of uranium mining like the civil society and environment face in Niger? What are the best strategies to target important stakeholders?

300+ NGO's from 22 countries: Don't nuke the climate

(January 9, 2014) 300+ Environmental and Clean Organizations tell climate scientists: We love your work on climate, but stop promoting dangerous, dirty, expensive, and counterproductive nuclear power! NIRS, WISE and the Civil Society Institute released the text of a grassroots response to renowned climate scientist Dr. James Hansen and three colleagues, urging them to reconsider their support for nuclear power as a climate solution. In a press release announcing the letter, the groups challenged Dr. Hansen to a debate on the issue.